The role of businesswomen in economic development: renaissance and challenges


Businesswomen play a vital and important role in the development of the economy and society, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a remarkable growth in the number of women holding leadership positions in the private sector. The businesswomen sector is a strategic field that contributes to promoting sustainable development and achieving economic and social balance.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a remarkable growth in the number of businesswomen holding leadership positions in the private sector, as their number has reached a significant percentage of the total workforce.

Women’s entrepreneurship is a growing sector in the Kingdom, with many companies and projects run by successful and innovative businesswomen emerging.

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Program plays an important role in empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs, as it provides the financing, training, and resources necessary for the success of their projects.

Despite the progress that businesswomen have made in the Kingdom, they still face many challenges, such as access to finance and balance between work and family life.

The women’s business sector needs additional support from the government and private institutions to provide the appropriate environment and equal opportunities for growth and development.

It is important to promote a culture of entrepreneurship among women and encourage them to participate in the labor market in various fields and sectors.

The investment feasibility study is an essential tool for businesswomen to evaluate investment opportunities and determine effective strategies to achieve success and sustainability in their projects.

Businesswomen are considered an essential element in the economic and social development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and their rise constitutes clear evidence of economic and social development.

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