Agricultural production sector

Agricultural production in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: challenges and opportunities for sustainable development


The agricultural sector is considered one of the vital sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it plays an important role in providing food, achieving food self-sufficiency, and supporting the local economy. In light of economic transformations and technological development, agriculture in the Kingdom is witnessing great challenges and opportunities to enhance productivity and achieve sustainable development.

The agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relies heavily on groundwater and modern irrigation, as pivot irrigation represents the pivotal factor in increasing productivity.

The area of agricultural land in the Kingdom is about 16 million hectares, which makes it have great potential to achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural production.

Growing grains, vegetables, fruits, and livestock constitutes the most important agricultural activities in the Kingdom, and contributes significantly to providing food for citizens.

Agriculture in the Kingdom faces challenges related to the lack of water resources and climate change, which requires adopting modern irrigation techniques and diversifying water sources.

The agricultural sector is experiencing challenges in the areas of agricultural management, marketing and improving product quality, which requires government support and investment in infrastructure and technology.

Agriculture in the Kingdom provides broad investment opportunities in areas such as protected agriculture, organic agriculture, and fish farming.

The investment feasibility study is an essential tool for analyzing investment opportunities in the agricultural sector and evaluating the financial and economic feasibility of future agricultural projects.

The agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered a strategic sector that witnesses multiple challenges and opportunities. By adopting thoughtful strategies and investing in technology and training, sustainable development and increased productivity can be achieved in this vital sector.

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