The small enterprise sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a fundamental pillar of economic development


The small and medium enterprises sector is considered one of the vital sectors in the Saudi economy, as it plays an important role in promoting economic growth, achieving sustainable development, providing job opportunities for youth, and supporting entrepreneurship.

The small enterprise sector constitutes a large proportion of the GDP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, making it a major driver of economic growth.

The small enterprise sector is characterized by diversity and innovation, as projects are represented in various fields such as retail, services, and light industry.

Small enterprises provide job opportunities for young people and enhance competition and innovation in the market, which contributes to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

The small enterprise sector in the Kingdom is witnessing remarkable technical developments, such as the adoption of digital technology and artificial intelligence applications to improve business management and develop services.

Small projects face challenges such as obtaining the necessary financing, securing the market, and employing qualified personnel, and they need support and encouragement from the government and supporting institutions.

Small businesses can benefit from training and development programs and participate in financing programs designed to enhance their growth and expand their business.

The investment feasibility study is an important tool for evaluating investment opportunities in the small enterprise sector and determining effective strategies to achieve success and sustainability.

Small and medium enterprises are considered the backbone of the Saudi economy, and represent the cornerstone of achieving sustainable development, providing job opportunities, promoting innovation and competition in the local and global market.

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