Developments in the education sector in Saudi Arabia: from the national vision to investment and development prospects.”


With the rapid developments and comprehensive reforms taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the education sector is heading towards a promising and bright future. National Vision 2030, launched by the Saudi government, is considered a major driver for developing education, enhancing its quality, and providing diverse and distinguished educational opportunities for Saudi youth.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the largest educational markets in the Middle East, with the sector witnessing significant transformations and sustainable growth over recent years. According to the Saudi Ministry of Education report, the number of public and private schools in the Kingdom reached 34,590 in 2020, which reflects the continuous increase in demand for education.

On the other hand, the university sector in the Kingdom witnessed remarkable growth, as the number of public and private universities and colleges reached 85 in 2021, compared to 65 universities in 2015, according to data from the Ministry of Higher Education.

National plans to develop education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enhance investment opportunities in the sector, as the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 aims to improve the quality of education and achieve excellence in the educational system. Government efforts are scheduled to continue to develop education programs and update curricula to meet the changing needs of the labor market.

Transformation and development initiatives in the education sector enjoy significant government support, as they aim to improve the quality of education and develop educational infrastructure, including developing schools and universities and diversifying educational programs.

Among the challenges facing Saudi Arabia in the education sector, developing educational technology and revitalizing scientific research are major priorities. Investing in technology in education and implementing it effectively and well-planned is the key to enhancing the learning experience and achieving the goals of modern education.

In addition to government efforts, transformations in the education sector open the door for the private sector to invest in areas of education, such as developing private schools, providing specialized educational programs, and providing training and development services.

Through these increased investments and comprehensive transformations, the education sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to witness sustainable growth and a noticeable improvement in quality and effectiveness, creating exciting investment opportunities and contributing to the development of society and achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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